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Booking Planning

Different types of reservations or rooms will be displayed on a chart with different colours that will help you understand your guests’ preferences and characteristics. Also, with a simple click you’ll be able to enter new bookings and to manage existing ones.

The PMS will calculate the price of the stay for you, based on the indicated price list and the desired validity, being able to count on different prices for the period of stay, its duration, the number of participants and the promotions in place.

Integrated with your website, the system will show directly to your guests the hospitality offer, becoming a sales channel that makes the big booking portals look obsolete. 

It will also be possible to activate the access to a reserved area that will allow you to look at the room situations in real time and to enter new reservations: you will be able to keep your structure under control from anywhere and with any device, without needing to access to the PMS.
The data in your Reserved Area will be automatically synchronized by the PMS.

Check-in online

Check-in operations are well optimized. A web page link will allow to your client to fulfill all check-in formalities comfortably from his home.

The receives data can be used for statistics.

Smart offers

Customers truly appreciate clear and responsive answers to their doubts and questions. This is one of the main reasons that make ePrenotazioni so appreciated. Captivating quotes will show to your customer the different proposals and services you offer. Through an easy-to-use chat you will be able to respond to their inquiries and to help your customer select the best option.

Prepayed card

Cards, wristbands, or key chains  replace cash and will make your guests’ stay more comfortable and pleasant. On top of that, your business will become more automated and efficient.

Through the software it will be possible to add the services and products purchased by your guests to their rooms’ receipts. Each point of sale… with pictures of the products of its competence divided in categories, ready to be charged to your customers’ accounts. 

It will be possible to immediately issue the receipt, and to proceed then either by recording the purchase in the room’s final receipt or by deducting the cost from a prepaid card. 


The additional services you provide have a positive impact on your business performance, but they are tedious to monitor and record. With ePrenotazioni every service that is managed in your accommodation is registered and linked to each customer’s reservation. A simple screen will help your staff in billing management. They can choose to add them to the reservation, to deduct them from a prepaid card or if they are part of an all-inclusive treatment.


Do you provide your customers with bicycles, scooters, beach towels or anything else? The system will keep under control what you have entrusted to them, and you will be able to decide at any time whether and how much to proceed with the charge.


The state of each room is perfectly showed on your monitor.
Anomalies, images, reports from the staff: a flawless management for satisfied guests.

Supplier and warehouse

Stock movements, document recording, deadlines, and logistics. Any process will be simple and straightforward, from order to delivery and from verification to payment.

The coding of the items, with the definition of the classifications to which they belong, allows to obtain statistics by type of product or by department.

For an easy view of your company, you can carry out a series of queries on stock movements and registered documents.


The planning system displays and organizes reservations, table settings, orders, billing, and payments

It is possible to digitize the menu of your restaurant, just enter the different proposals and your customer can read the menu comfortably from his smartphone.

ISTAT and Alloggiati Web

You can fulfil the formalities required from accommodation facilities by the Italian law directly from the PMS.